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Redefine_cosmetology Hair fall is a serious issue and it's your choice whether you want to believe in the myth or see the result for yourself! Regain your confidence with , Redefine. Walk in for free consultation today. For more information, contact +91 8693899359

Tattoo Removal is a procedure done to remove unwanted Tattoo. It is removed with Q Swith Laser. Before the laser, numbing cream also called Anaesthesia is applied. Then laser energy is applied to the tattoo to heat & disrupt the tattoo ink. After the treatment, there could be swelling, blistering or slight bleeding. Anti Bacterial creams help promote healing. You need repeated sessions to remove the tattoo. The normal process of tattoo removal is fragmentation of tattoo ink followed by Phagocytosis which is then drained via lymphatic system

Redefine cosmetology Who says you can't get your hair back ? PLATELET RICH PLASMA Called PRP is the new natural invention for hair growth. Your plasma and platelets have very important growth factor which version will use for the regrowth of your hair . Definitive results for both men and women

Hiii, This is Dr.Heena Bhatt from Redefine Cosmetology Clinic.Today, I am here to tell you about chemical peel like what is chemical peel, how Chemical Peel works ? What are the benefits if chemical peel and what are the side effects if chemical peel ? Chemical peel is nothing but the techniques to improve the skin texture. Chemical peel is mainly done on facial skin , but it does not limitvto facial skin. If can be done on any body part . Chemical peel is applied to the skin to remove the outermost layer of the skin. The peel application take 5 mins.The peel work within the skin for one week .Post, one week , the skin starts peeling . A new layer of skin emerges a top layer which is fresh and soft . The benefits of chemical peel are endless .It helps in improving the look and texture of the skin .It reduce fine wrinkles. The treatment is also useful for treat acne and mild scars .If I be very Frank and geniune , then there is only one side effect, that past chemical peel , the skin gets more sensitive for week which is take care with sunscreen. If sunscreen is applied to the skin peel chemical peel , then there are no side effects.

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Redefine cosmetology wishes you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Redefine_cosmetology Flunt your back with Redefine's Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment. 8 session of Full Body Hair Removal now at 49, 999/- only. Offer valid for limited time only.

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Redefine_Cosmetology -LED means Light Emitting Diode. It's works by emitting infrared light in different skincare penetrates at different depths and triggers natural intra cellular reaction in skin cells. Depending on light your skin is going to respond differently. Red light -lt increase blood flow to the skin .So it promotes blood circulation, it also encourage healing & rejuvenation Blue light - Stimulation production of oxygen redicals that kill P acne bacteria without damaging skin. Amber - stimulation collagen & elastin so used as anti-ageing. White light - penetrates the deepest and works to tighten & reduce inflammation. It can be done as standalone treatment or used after chemical peels , microdermabrasion microneedling , radio frequency etc.

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Redefine_cosmetology Get perfect Long -lasting Manicure now

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Ganesh Chaturthi festival best offers. Redefine Cosmetology clinic and salon.

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Redefine_Cosmetology 0n our clients demand, We are introducing weekly tips directly from the desk of Dr Herbs Bhatt. Follow us now and keep yourself updatedon beauty tips