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Redefine_cosmetology Stimulate hair growth with our effective PRP sessions. PRP is a medically and scientifically backed treatment for those struggling with-fall & hair-regrowth.
Looking for a Healthy diet? Get in touch with our experts at Redefine Cosmetology and reduce weight only with proper intake of food . Book your appointment now and Avila 2 free sessions. Hurry offer valid for limited time only.
Tattoo Removal is a procedure done to remove unwanted Tattoo. It is removed with Q Swith Laser. Before the laser, numbing cream also called Anaesthesia is applied. Then laser energy is applied to the tattoo to heat & disrupt the tattoo ink. After the treatment, there could be swelling, blistering or slight bleeding. Anti Bacterial creams help promote healing. You need repeated sessions to remove the tattoo. The normal process of tattoo removal is fragmentation of tattoo ink followed by Phagocytosis which is then drained via lymphatic system